JKR’s Video Statement

Here is Rowling’s official video announcement, uploaded to YouTube (unlisted) & posted to her Pottermore site, in case you haven’t gone over there to see it:

7 responses to “JKR’s Video Statement

  1. I saw it yesterday and am eagerly awaiting the start of pottermore! It sounds like it will be an amazing experience.

  2. Hi, Natasha! It does sound like they’ve put in a lot of work — two years, I think she said — and that it’s going to be a real treat visually. Getting more of The Philosopher’s Stone through the added sections to the chapters will be really fun. I am interested to see how it all works!

    • I would assume they have done so! Even this near-two minute long video must have cost a fortune to get all the designs and animation done. Granted, she’ll be getting all that money back with the release of the eBooks.
      I’m dying to read more about the characters; there can never be enough! I’m particularly interested in learning more about Snape; maybe even some short stories about the Weasley Twins. I’ll take whatever I can get, though!

      • I’ve been thinking of getting a Kindle; maybe now I will! It would be nice to be able to carry all the books around in a nice thin Kindle!
        The animation was really beautiful. I think it will be cool, too, that we’ll be seeing JKR’s vision of Hogwarts, without the filtering and (often necessary) changes the films brought us.

        • I’ve been thinking about the same thing for the past few months. As much as I love holding the books while reading; it gets difficult when I go on holiday and want to bring along some reading material. A Kindle would solve that problem.
          It definitely was; the animation was breathtaking. I will be waiting eagerly until the day Pottermore opens its doors to fans!

          • I hope you enjoy it! Drop by here & let us know! I’ll likely be doing posts both at the beginning of August, whether I get that “early in” or not, and again in October/November when it opens to the public.

            Yeah, now I’ll be daydreaming about a Kindle . . .

            • I’m sure I will! I’ll be looking forward to those posts. Here’s hoping we’re both part of those “lucky few”.

              Yeah… if only I had money to spare right now.

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