New Page: Favorite Links

Some good sites, not HP-related

I’ve consolidated many of my favorite links onto one page, rather than having them in sidebar widgets, leaving just the “more relevant” links widgets in the sidebars (i.e., HP fanfic resources, Myth, Lit, & Legend sites, and other “MMADfan” pages on the web).

Now if you’d like to see the music, entertainment, and useful/informative site links, take a look at the “Good Links” page. I’ve stuck a widget into a sidebar with a link to the page.

My most visited non-HP-related links have generally been from the Myth, Lit, & Legend widget, so they’ll stay listed in the sidebar for now. I also got a fair number of click-throughs on some of the “useful” links, but that list was relatively long, so I decided to move that to the page, as well, to help alleviate that “endless sidebar scrolling” feeling!

~ Good Links ~

What do you think?

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