Happy Canada Day!

Of holidays and fireflies

Canadian FlagI thought that’s as good a reason for a post as any! I saw a new month in my footer calendar, and thought I’d start off the month with a post. As I’m pretty bereft of ideas today, I thought, “Aha! It’s Canada Day! I’ll wish my neighbors to the north a good day!” 🙂

U.S. FlagThe Fourth of July, or Independence Day, is this weekend, as well, so the local stores are packed with folks stocking up for picnics and barbecues, and buying sparklers and various small fireworks for the kids — hopefully, no one will blow off a hand this July or lose an eye!

The weather’s beautiful here, and it promises to be a lovely weekend; I’m in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, so there are no noisy fireworks. Every evening, I’ve been going out, listening to the crickets and watching the fireflies. Fireflies always remind me of childhood and of the Fourth of July, and for a moment, standing in the cool country air, watching the fireflies blinking on and off, for just a brief moment, I feel as though I were six again, standing in my backyard, watching the fireflies, entranced by their magic. And then the sensation is gone, like déja vu, vanished in the instant I try to capture it.

2 responses to “Happy Canada Day!

  1. The mountains sound beautiful. Fireflies really are wonderful to see, especially at night.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. 🙂

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