BBC News – Harry Potter stars through the years

BBC News – Harry Potter stars through the years.

Daniel RadcliffeTake a look at a fun video montage of the “Harry Potter” kids from the first movie through the last. Our little actors have grown up! 😛

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint have spent the last decade — half their lives! — growing up with their characters. Funny to think about; it doesn’t seem that long.

6 responses to “BBC News – Harry Potter stars through the years

  1. Very cool. I just recently stumbled across a movie from 2004 called “Layer Cake”: lots of violence and profanity, but the actors were an interesting combination. Michael Gambon, Colm Meaney, Daniel Craig and the guy who plays Kingsley Shacklebolt! It turned out to be a Brit version of all the American gangster/mafia/drug dealer movies (and better).

  2. That is an interesting combination — Colm Meaney’s done a lot of work that people in the U.S. often don’t get to see.
    I’ll have to keep an eye out for that one. (If I can stomach Michael Gambon in it — I had a hard time sitting through the entire Doctor Who Christmas special this last year, and I’m a Doctor Who addict, practically.)

    It was fun to see all the kids as they were in the first film. They were so cute! Gotta say that I like Emma Watson’s shorter hair. She still looks really young, though; quite cute. Rupert could take a hint from her and get a haircut! LOL! Now I sound like a grumpy old lady! haha!

  3. Looking at the news page made me feel very nostalgic, especially since I grew up reading the HP books and seeing the movies. The series has come a long way since the Sorcerer’s Stone, that’s for certain! 😀

    • The kids have definitely grown up! It was a bit of nostalgia, though I have to admit that it doesn’t feel like very much time at all! It hardly seems like yesterday that I picked up the first HP book, prepared to be disappointed, and then quickly devoured it and the succeeding two volumes, telling everyone that reading them reminded me of some of my favorite childhood reading experiences. (I was a little late to the game, starting them when PoA was out, but I just had this sense that if they were that popular, how good could they be? LOL! I’ve had that experience before — popular book, and reading it is a disappointment.)

      It will be interesting to see which of the child actors go on to become successful adult actors. I think that Daniel Radcliffe will, since he’s already headed in that direction.

  4. It was a bit worrisome that Daniel R just came out that he needed to give up alcohol, and he’s just now 21! Rupert Grint was pretty funny on his Top Gear episode.

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