dumbledore | dumble-dore, n. : Oxford English Dictionary

This was today’s entry in my subscription to the OED’s Word of the Day:

dumbledore | dumble-dore, n. : Oxford English Dictionary.

Made me smile! The OED defines “dumbledore” as a “humble-bee” or “bumble-bee.”

Albus DumbledoreFor those of you who have read Resolving a Misunderstanding, you may remember that Albus’s pen name was Apiarus B. White.

2 responses to “dumbledore | dumble-dore, n. : Oxford English Dictionary

  1. I get the Apiarus part of Albus’s pen name now! 😀

    Also, I think Tolkien mentioned insects named “dumbledors” in one of his Middle-Earth books. Now I know what he was probably referring to

    That Word of the Day looks fun. 🙂

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