Want to receive OED’s Word-of-the-Day?

The Oxford English Dictionary offers its Word-of-the-Day via both email and rss feed.

Here’s the link for their rss feed: http://www.oed.com/rss/wordoftheday

To subscribe by email, visit their homepage; the link is in their right sidebar.

2 responses to “Want to receive OED’s Word-of-the-Day?

  1. The OED’s WOTD looks intriguing. I do enjoy learning new words – I’ll be happy to sign up! Thanks for the link.:)

    • I like it because, in addition to even sometimes presenting me with a word I don’t know, it gives great etymological information; I’ve loved that since I was a kid. Yeah, I was a weird kid. Whatever!

      I open my OED Word-of-the-Day email with the same kind of anticipation I do the comic strips I subscribe to. Unlike news emails, they aren’t going to distress me or anger me (or they’re very unlikely to), they aren’t going to demand something of me as a personal email might (which is fine, but not relaxing), and they aren’t going to be flames, troll, or spammy scammy emails from unknowns (though I have to admit that sometimes those are ludicrously funny, if otherwise a complete waste of time). So I enjoy my WotD email. The worst that can happen is I find it a bit dull one day, but there’s always the next!

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