BBC News – The end of the road for Harry Potter

Tom RiddleHere’s a little video from the BBC looking back on the Harry Potter movie franchise: BBC News – The end of the road for Harry Potter.

2 responses to “BBC News – The end of the road for Harry Potter

  1. Harry Potter has really left its mark on this generation of children, and it’s interesting to look back at the older movies and remember how it all started.

    After the last movie has come out, it’ll be intriguing to see how fanfics begin to change. I think HP fandom will live on (after all, LOTR is still extremely popular), but there will certainly be changes. .

  2. LotR was already pretty old when I read it in the 70s, and it was extremely popular. I don’t know if people were writing fanfic then; obviously, the internet has changed the way that people share their fanfic.

    There have been Sherlock Holmes pastiches for decades, not to mention many iterations of television shows & movies. Of course, it’s no problem to write new, original Holmes stories now, since it’s out of copywrite. There have been a lot of Holmes books published recently, and many have done quite well. (Anyone interested in a particularly good one should check out A Slight Trick of the Mind, which is not so much a mystery as it is a psychological novel about Holmes late in life. I really enjoyed it — it’s by Mitch Cullin.)

    I do hope, though, that people continue to read the HP books and use the books as source of canon material. Obviously, the movies have influenced a lot of fanfic — maybe most of it — but the books are a richer resource, IMO.

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