BBC News – Fans queue to see the final Harry Potter film

Stan Shunpike“Oi! Ernie! Look at all them Muggles queuein’ up! Must be something big!”

BBC News – Fans queue to see the final Harry Potter film.

Did you queue? Choose not to queue?
If you saw the movie, what did you think of it?

4 responses to “BBC News – Fans queue to see the final Harry Potter film

  1. I’ll be going to see the movie quite soon, even though I didn’t like DH, for completion’s and curiosity’s sake (and according to Rotten Tomatoes, the film has near-unanimous positive reviews from critics, which surprised me a little). I’ll also be interested in any changes from the book – , I know for a fact that Crabbe was switched with Blaise Zabini.

    Personally, though, I prefer the way you depicted Zabini in DD! 😀

    • You’ll have to let us know here what you thought once you see it!

      I didn’t see the HBP movie until last December (2010), and I thought it was a major snooze, other than the scene at the Burrow, which just made me sit up because it was so outrageously anti-canon. I actually had just assumed I’d never see it, but my sister had the DVD, so we settled down with some beer & popcorn and watched it.

      I didn’t see the 7th movie, so you may guess that I won’t be standing in line for the 8th. I’m glad that others are all still enjoying it, though. I really didn’t like DH (the book) for many, many reasons, more than I want to get into in a comment on the movie, and I figure if I’m trying to forget DH so that I can keep writing my pleasantly AU fanfic that doesn’t recognise DH, then it’s best I not see the movie.

      Maybe someday when I’m a little old lady who scarcely remembers even writing fanfic, I’ll watch all the movies, including 7 & 8. Besides, odd as it may sound to most people, especially fellow Harry Potter fans, I haven’t seen the earlier films multiple times, either — I have seen 1 & 2 probably three times, including the first time I saw each in the theater, and I’ve since seen 3 and 4 each once more on DVD — and likely bits and pieces of each of the first four when they’ve been on TV, but I haven’t been moved to re-watch them any more than that.

      On the other hand, I’ve reread the first five books several times each, have read HBP twice, and since it had been over a year since I’d reread them, I read PS, CoS, and PoA again last autumn. I started rereading GoF, but got distracted partway in, so I’m going to begin it again once I have the time, then move on to OotP & HBP.

      It’s good, I think, for my “feel” of the HBP universe and its characters to read the books again, since I’m writing fanfic — even though my fic has layers that aren’t visible in canon, and my writing style is obviously quite different from JKR’s, I like to think that the overall feel of my stories fits well with canon.

  2. This is Ang from Hogwarts Duo. Lisa and I (the other half of Hogwarts Duo) went to see the movie at midnight in the IMAX 3D format. Absolutely amazing is the only description I could give. If you get a chance to see it in 3D, I believe it’s definitely worth the ticket price, and I’m not a huge fan of the recent 3D craze. I will say, however, that I plan to see the movie again … in regular format. I’m a glutton for all things McGonagall so why only see it once? lol

    As for the movie as a whole … I will refrain from giving spoilers but I will say that I think they did a fantastic job of projecting a feel of impending conflict and all the things I expected from the book here present with the exception of a few minor things.

    It was wonderful to finally see Maggie Smith getting some much deserved screen time and a true chance to shine in this movie. Why oh why didn’t they do this sort of showcase for her in OOTP? Sigh. Oh well, at least they were gracious enough to really use her talents in this final installment. If you’re a fan of Minerva/Maggie Smith or Snape/Alan Rickman, you won’t be disappointed in this movie. I was nearly moved to tears by each character. Even Aberforth Dumbledore managed to make me tear up at one point. tee hee.

    I will also go so far as to say that I read the Deathly Hallows just last week and that didn’t affect my enjoyment of the movie in the least. As with all movies, some things were changed but they weren’t enough in this movie to cause me to rant and rail (as I have done with other HP movies).

    Basically, if you haven’t made plans to see the movie, what are you waiting for??? lol

    • Wow! Sounds like you really had a great time. I can imagine that it was quite something in 3D.

      My sister’s going next week to see it. She’s not tried yet to try to persuade me to see it — I saw the first five movies with her in the theater within days of their release, but after OotP, I was really disappointed and so I didn’t even bother to go to see HBP in the theater. (And you know that I live in a nice little fantasy world where DH doesn’t exist! LOL!)

      But it certainly does sound like they did a really good job with this film, and that’s great. I’m glad that they won’t be disappointing fans of the book with this one!

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