Google Books and Kindle to get ‘Harry Potter’ series | Signal Strength – CNET News

Yeah, I’d been drooling over Kindles. Now I have even more reason to want one:

J.K. Rowling's The Philosopher's Stone cover artGoogle Books and Kindle to get ‘Harry Potter’ series | Signal Strength – CNET News.

How cool would it be to have all the books with you all the time? And so convenient for finding little canon facts when writing fanfic, too.

When JKR begins selling the Harry Potter series as ebooks on Pottermore, they’ll be available for Kindle, as well as in formats for other ereaders.

Do you want a Kindle? Have one? What do you think about the Harry Potter series becoming available as an ebook, readable on many different ereaders? Blah? Bored already? Excited? Mildly interested? Hate ebooks? Love ’em? Share your opinion!

4 responses to “Google Books and Kindle to get ‘Harry Potter’ series | Signal Strength – CNET News

  1. Woo hoo!!! That is fantastic news for all HP fans, whether or not you own a Kindle. I don’t own one but have been toying with the idea. This little turn of events just might push me over the edge. lol I know those would be the first things I purchase, most definitely. Being able to take Albus and Minerva with me in all seven books would be a priceless gem!!!

    • I am definitely leaning more and more toward getting one. I’d only get 1 – 6, of course :P, but still, that would be great.

      I’ve been reading ebooks in various formats for years using the mobi reader software (I probably should get the Kindle software for PC, actually), but reading on the computer, even a small laptop, isn’t always comfortable, and the Kindle has a lot of advantages over a laptop when it comes to reading books. I’m thinking I’ll scrimp and save up to buy one soon!

  2. Having a Kindle looks useful for fanfic writing, and especially for checking small details at short notice.. It would also be nice to have the HP books available, too, so I could have access to them away from home. I’m probably going to get a Kindle myself.. 🙂

    • I’ve often wished I could easily bring the books with me when I travel, so this will really be useful. I don’t think that they will completely replace my printed copies, but I will definitely buy copies of the ebooks.

      There are a lot of great free books (out-of-copyright ones, especially) that I already have on my computer, most in mobi format already, so I could read them on my new Kindle — when I get it! 😉

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