PlaidPooka is Back

PlaidPooka & The Price of Madness

I was excited to see that PlaidPooka is back after a bit of a hiatus (four years, actually), and she is updating her fabulous fic, The Price of Madness again. If you’ve not read The Price of Madness and you enjoy HP fanfiction, please give it a read. She has wonderful dialogue and an inventive mind that produced an intriguing “Book 7” alternative path. The publication of that “other Book 7” played havoc with Pooka’s Muse, apparently, but she’s back. The Price of Madness is very nearly finished, so you’ll have a really good read ahead of you! Enjoy!

(Oh, and The Price of Madness is a different sort of SSHG fic, with a splash of ADMM and a couple other pairings, as well. I started reading The Price of Madness even before I began writing, myself — it’s one of the last long HP fanfics I read before I began writing Resolving a Misunderstanding.)

Have you read The Price of Madness? Have you read the latest chapter? What do you think about the “Deathly Hallows Effect” on some writers? And don’t forget, most importantly, if you read The Price of Madness and enjoy it, leave a review for PlaidPooka! 🙂

2 responses to “PlaidPooka is Back

  1. I’ve noticed that different fanwriters deal with DH differently – some incorporate all of it, some leave out certain parts or the epilogue, and some ignore it entirely. It does, I think, make writing AU Year 7 fics more challenging, but also lets fanwriters reimagine the last book in their personal vision by tweaking certain details (i.e, altering the early chapters, changing around the characters who live/die). Quite a few of those stories are very interesting and well-done

    I’ll have to read and review this story when I join TPP, as it looks very interesting. 😀 It’s good that PlaidPookah’s Muse is back!

    • I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s fun & it has an original plot.

      I reacted to Deathly Hallows by writing Death’s Dominion, which sprang naturally from An Act of Love but which was in large part a reaction to (or against) DH. Some of the primary plot points in Death’s Dominion had already taken shape while I was writing An Act of Love — such as the big subplot that makes the primary plot possible, and of which Severus is unaware until almost the end of the story — but other bits, such as the hallows being literally a fairy tale to be believed “by madmen and children,” as Snape puts it in the fic, came to me after I’d read DH.

      Now, I blithely ignore DH, and go with Books 1 – 6, with 6 being modified by Death’s Dominion in the Resolving a Misunderstanding/Death’s Dominion universe. Otherwise, even in any future non-RaMverse fics I might write that are set in or during the canon years, I plan to ignore DH. And, of course, ignore DH for any character’s backstory, as a result.

      I love the HP series, but I’m happiest with it when I just avoid thinking about DH and its myriad failings (in my view). It is sad, though, that some folks left fanfic, either the reading of it or the writing of it (or both) after DH, and not simply because the series was over & everything was “wrapped up,” but because of a severe sense of disappointment and loss. Quite a pity.

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