New: Fanfic Recommendations Page

bearded man reading in the study

I have occasionally made fanfic recommendations on my blog. Now, rather than having to search through myriad posts tagged “fanfic recommendation” and skim through the blather to find the recommendations: Fanfic Recommendations is a new page that drops down under “Fanfic Resources” in the header tabs. It will also replace the current Fanfic Recs link in the “Easy Fic Finder” — which just led to the posts tagged with “fanfic recommendation.”

Since I don’t read as much fanfic as I used to before I began writing, the list isn’t particularly long at the moment, but I hope to add to it.

If you have HP fanfics you’d like to recommend, feel free to add a comment to the page and share some of your favorites!

What do you think?

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