A Long Vernal Season, Chapter 104, “Party Games”

Long Vernal Season - on the Petulant Poetess
Chapter One Hundred-Four: Party Games
3 April 1999
Severus joins Aine in Minerva’s study to learn what else she wishes to say to him. He is unsure how to take their encounter. Albus has organised party games and everyone must participate. Fortunately for Severus, there is one bright spot in this surfeit of socialization: Poppy is with him.
Rated T.
Characters: Severus Snape, Poppy Pomfrey, Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore, Filius Flitwick, Pomona Sprout, Aine NicAirt, Colleen Murphy, Marjorie Clifton, Caspar Lloyd, Gertrude Gamp, Quin MacAirt, Helena Benetti, Gareth McGonagall, Hafrena NicAirt, Calum O’Donald

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4 responses to “A Long Vernal Season, Chapter 104, “Party Games”

  1. A rather confronting situation with Aine (and Hafrena), the sorting hat, dessert with Poppy on a suitable chair and party-games…this chapter has it all and provided ‘perfect entertainment’, I feel.
    You had me smile, all through the chapter, even at those difficult moments at the start, because of how they unfolded. Loved it!

    • Thank you! I’m glad that the chapter was entertaining.

      The situation with Aine was uncomfortable, but Severus got through it, and without behaving as he might have a couple years ago.

      Glad you enjoyed the fun “Sorting” and Severus getting comfortable with Poppy. He is making progress, so let’s hope it stays that way!

  2. The chapter was very enjoyable – the party games were engaging and funny, and probably helped Severus after his tesion with Aine. He controlled himself better than he would have in the past in that situation. I also liked the Sorting Hat. 🙂

    I really enjoyed reading it.

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