Chapter 108 of A Long Vernal Season: “The Greatest Slytherin”

Long Vernal Season - on the Petulant Poetess
Chapter One Hundred-Eight: The Greatest Slytherin
Easter Sunday, 4 April 1999
Minerva does some investigation, and she worries. Severus learns something new. Severus tells Gertrude of Aine’s discovery the previous evening, and of her plan to have them tell Quin the truth.
Rated T.
Characters: Minerva McGonagall, the Silent Knight (Andrew), Filius Flitwick, Severus Snape, Gertrude Gamp

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4 responses to “Chapter 108 of A Long Vernal Season: “The Greatest Slytherin”

  1. Always wonderful to see an update and this was again a great chapter, with a worried Minerva, a nervous Filius and a beautiful dialogue between two great Slytherins!

  2. I really enjoyed this chapter, in particular the developing relationship between Gertrude and Severus. I hope that his friendships with Poppy and Gertie will continue to give Severus strength in the future.

    Also, I was happy to see Andrew again, as well as Filius. 🙂

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