Chapter 110 of A Long Vernal Season: Journey to Dun Torc

Long Vernal Season - on the Petulant Poetess
Chapter One Hundred-Ten: Journey to Dun Torc
Monday, 5 April 1999
Severus brews some potions, then tries to find time to finish his office and read his new novel.  Gareth pops by, and then Flitwick extends an invitation. Severus’s desire for a quiet evening of reading seems destined not to be.
Rated T.
Characters: Filius Flitwick, Severus Snape, Gareth McGonagall

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One response to “Chapter 110 of A Long Vernal Season: Journey to Dun Torc

  1. Yes I am one of those fan fic writers who was itliianly terrified to take that first step. I didn’t even read fan fic until Carol started her ‘Wanted’ story. I peeked inside one day and I was immediately hooked as a reader/stalker. I was one of those who was skeptical that any “amateur” writer could successfully capture the essence of these characters that I love so much. But within the first couple of chapters of ‘Wanted’ I saw immediately what I had been missing. Here was a time period story centered on the characters of Steve and Kayla, set in the old west, and reading it is as real as watching it play out on screen. The characterization is brilliant and the visuals are superb. It is a story so good that I can actually see it playing out in my imagination.So inspired was I by that story, I decided one day to take the plunge myself and began plunking away on a Stefan and Katherine fan fic. I had several chapters written before I got the nerve to even tell anyone I was writing. I didn’t want to post. Why would anyone want to read my writing? I’m not that good. Still, Carol convinced me to face my fears and post a chapter just to see what kind of reaction I would get. I will say that I have never regretted it. Not only does it provide a creative outlet through the weaving of an original story, but it allows us to keep alive those charcters we love so much. It also gives us the freedom to write them our way, with no compromises. The readers on RTM are so amazing and so supportive. I agree that if not for them, I would probably not be doing what I am doing (spending much of my free time writing). I love it when they stalk and I especially love reading their feedback/speculations. It warms the cockles of my heart to go in and see that people are enjoying my story. I will also say that the readers on RTM are a rare breed because they actually DISCUSS the story. They don’t simply demand updates (though they do that pretty well too) and then sit back and wait. They talk about the story and the characters. They relay their hopes and fears for where we are taking the characters, but one thing they never do is abandon us. They are with us for the entire journey, and that, my friends, is extremely gratifying..

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