JK Rowling reignites DRM debate (Wired UK)

An older article (23 June 2011), but an interesting one. The HP series will apparently not be DRM-protected, but will be watermarked. I like this. 🙂

JK Rowling reignites DRM debate (Wired UK).

I plan to buy the series when it’s finally available on Pottermore (they’re saying early 2012 now, in order to be able to have their servers in shape to handle the heavy traffic).

5 responses to “JK Rowling reignites DRM debate (Wired UK)

  1. Very interesting! Suddenly I understand a lot more about the e-book market. I had hardly an idea that there was more than Gutenberg and Kindle. It’s good to know there IS more and what policies are being used.
    I like JKR’s stand in this, making her books available for more, if not all, platforms and I would hope it will help to open up and harmonize that market.

    Informative article throughout. I loved what Paulo Coelho did and what benefits he could reap from his clever actions!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome! I found it interesting, as well. And I really like the move away from DRM. Hopefully, it will work well for her and others will follow suit.

      (And I will try not to be a fanatical, raging “convert,” but I do love my new Kindle, and although there are shortcomings to ebooks — completely aside from the technology — I’m really glad I got the Kindle. Anyone who is considering an e-Ink e-reader, the Kindle is really good and worth checking out.)

  2. True, I even love my Kindle Cloud Reader, but I was a tad sorry to find out how restrictive Amazon is. And not only they, of course. Still leaves me a fan of Kindle, wishing for a material one in my hands one day 😉

  3. Interesting article – I learned a lot about the ebook industry from it, and I agree that JKR’s move away from DRM will open the HP ebooks to more readers on more platforms. It’ll be interesting to see if other writers follow her example.

    And I’ll have to get a Kindle someday- the more I hear about them, the better and more useful they sound! 😀 Thanks for sharing this article!

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