More stories for download as ebooks

There is a more recent blog post with links to ebook fanfic here.

BooksI’ve uploaded “The Sorting of Suzie Sefton” in Kindle (mobi) format, bringing the number of fics available as ebooks to eight. All of these mobi-formatted stories are easily converted to ePub using calibre.

KindleThey are all available for download from the Our Mirror of Erised Yahoo! Group Files area in the “MMADfan’s Fanfic” folder (subfolder “RaMverse Fics in MOBI format”).  It’s easy to sign-up for the group and have access to these and many other HP fanfics in other formats (rtf, doc, etc.).

Stories currently included as Kindle ebooks:

Resolving a Misunderstanding
“The Unsentimental Arithmancer”
“An Unexpected Shower”
A Holiday with the Headmaster
An Act of Love
Death’s Dominion
“Enter, Peacetime”
“The Sorting of Suzie Sefton”

You can find information about these stories in this list of all my MMADfan fanfics, as well as links to them on the Petulant Poetess and elsewhere.

2 responses to “More stories for download as ebooks

  1. I’m really interested in joining Our Mirror of Erised – it’ll be nice to have access to all of those wonderful stories, and in a variety of forms. Can I share stories myself on it if I become a member?

    Suzie Sefton was a great story, very representative of a better Slytherin, and I’ll be happy to read it again when I get that Kindle for Christmas! 😉

    • Hi, Regina!
      I’m glad you’re looking forward to rereading Suzie Sefton on your Kindle!
      Yes, if you become a member, you can upload your own stories, too. Just create a folder, then upload whatever you like — it can be from any fandom and any genre, and you can upload original fiction, as well.
      I became rather fond of Suzie Sefton, myself!

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