More Fics available for Kindle

KindleBooksIf you are interested in reading Kindle versions of Resolving a MisunderstandingDeath’s DominionAn Act of Love, or one of several shorter lemony fics I have uploaded to Box, pop over to my livejournal for download details. (Convertable to ePub.)

3 responses to “More Fics available for Kindle

  1. Just downloaded DD, HwtH, Act of Love, and RAM. Yay! The download process is so easy and there they are right in my Kindle library. BRILLIANT!

    • I’m glad! I was pleased to be able to offer them for download through a mechanism other than the Yahoo group, but with a little bit of a barrier there by labing the LJ post “mature.” I’m glad you found the download process easy! (It’s pretty much click, click, click, and you’re done!)

  2. Thank you! 🙂 I’m looking forward to joining Our Mirror of Erised, since I have a few stories that I’m interested in sharing there myself.

    My Kindle’s been really great so far, especially with fast download and storage capacity. I’ve downloaded quite a few public domain classics (Sherlock Holmes, War of the Worlds, etc.) for easy reading during travel. Being able to read fanfic on it is a nice plus. 😀

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