Fanfic Rec: “Swing Time” by Bambu

“Swing Time”
by Bambu

Cat ReadingThis is an older story, one I first read several years ago on, I believe, the now-defunct archive “Coloured Grey,” which was a Hermione/Draco archive. I’ve never been a “Dramione” shipper — not that I had anything against it, but it just didn’t hold any natural appeal for me — yet this is one story the memory of which stuck with me for years, long after “Coloured Grey” closed and its archives vanished.

Written back before the series was complete, and when we still had multiple possible endings stretching before us, and yet knowing what Draco had been up to in The Half-Blood Prince, Bambu’s story focusses on what became of Draco after the events in the tower at the end of HBP.

Within the space of a short story, we see Draco’s character develop through a series of vignettes, and through Hermione Granger’s eyes, and we come to appreciate the growth of their relationship. It’s a very well-structured story that does a lot in very little space, and the pacing is excellent. And at the end, well, it made me want to “swing.” 😉

Rated MA/NC-17.

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