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An Archive of Our Own Logo - link to AO3 HomeAs I have uploaded my stories to An Archive of Our Own, I have been gradually revising the related pages here on my blog so that story links to the fics posted to AO3 are included; however, this is a slow process.

So far, I have uploaded all of my completed HP fanfic to AO3 except for Resolving a Misunderstanding, which is still being uploaded, and A Holiday with the Headmaster, which will be uploaded whenever I get to Chapter 137, “The Silent Knight’s Tale,” in Resolving a Misunderstanding.

To see my stories uploaded on An Archive of Our Own, visit this page of works. You can filter and sort the stories in a number of different ways using the tools at the right sidebar.

I haven’t yet decided whether I’ll be posting my WIPs to AO3. I do like having one site for my WIPs to reside, partly because I think it engenders a bit more conversation with readers of the story if it is not posted hither-and-yon about the Web, and I do like posting to TPP in particular since readers following my fics have come to expect to see them there, and I’ve been posting there from my very first fanfic. However, the spam troubles my stories have encountered on TPP over the last year or two are irritating little gnats, and I am weighing that factor, as well. (If my spammer reads this: have fun over at AO3. There I have control over comments and will be able both to report and to delete them.)

My currrent WIPs are all rated M or MA now on TPP  (in part because of the spam factor — Draco’s Heart will not reach M-rated content for another couple of chapters and I’d been rating it T until I had to change after a spate of spam hit the fic), so unresolved spam should not be a factor on any of those fics from this point on.

If there is anyone who would like to be able to read any of my WIPs on AO3 for whatever reason, drop me a note saying which one(s) you’d like to see, and I’ll do my best to begin posting it on AO3 after I’ve finished uploading the completed fics.

2 responses to “Stories Added to AO3

  1. I post my fic everywhere. By far, the most traffic and commentary is on FFN, with all its shortcomings. A close second for traffic is, surprisingly, Feedbooks. No comments, but thousands of downloads, which to me is more indicative of a story’s popularity than “hits” on a site. I’ve also been doing Wattpad because I like the idea, but the vast majority of users seem to be teens, and the kind of stories I write are never going to be popular among that demographic, so I get almost no traffic or commentary. (Although that’s where I found the story that had plagiarized one of mine–a story that isn’t even on Wattpad, so I”m guessing the person took it from FFN.) And fest fic, of course, generates commentary by its very nature, which is a nice perk.

    I love AO3 because of the control one has over the content display and because of their philosophy. That’s where I direct people as my main fic repository.

    The spam on TPP is irritating because it’s otherwise such a great archive.

    • I used to get both great traffic and engaged reviews on ffnet when I was writing Resolving a Misunderstanding, but it dropped off in a big way after that fic was finished. I don’t know why, though I’ve considered many different possible reasons, including whether or not I may have inadvertently said something that put readers off commenting. I do still get a lot of hits on RaM and even on other stories there, but it’s rare for me to get comments even on newer stories that I post there.

      A while back, I had taken a break from posting on ffnet, so that break may have just encouraged that trend. Part of the reason I don’t post all of my fics there is that there are some with a lot of MA-rated content. For RaM, every time there was a chapter with lemons, I revised it for ffnet and put a note on the chapter saying the unexpurgated version was on TPP. When I posted A Holiday with the Headmaster, I had to make such significant changes that it took a lot of time, and yet even when the story was fresh, it didn’t get many clicks or comments over there — despite being a companion story to RaM — probably because the full version was on TPP. It seemed inefficient to spend a lot of time revising lemony fics just so that I could upload them to ffnet, too, when so few people were reading & commenting, so now I only do that for MA fics where the lemon content is very low and it doesn’t take too much time to revise them.

      I’ve got my fics in mobi format for download from Box, and there is a regular stream of downloads from there, and I plan to convert them all to epub at some point and have them available through Feedbooks. It’s encouraging to hear that you’ve had success with it.

      TPP is indeed a wonderful site. I love that the stories are restricted to HP & original fic — it helps to find fics more easily — and it’s a great concept with very attractive skins that work for different sorts of tastes and needs. I also feel that I “know” a lot of the authors and readers there because it is a relatively small community. It’s been a very comfy place for writing and reading. So the “graffiti” of spam on some fics is quite unfortunate.

      I love AO3 for the control the individual author has over the stories, their tagging, their accessibility, and their comments, but I have not found that it’s a great place for comments — that may vary according to the fandom, though. Of course, right now, I’m posting all older, completed works, so I wouldn’t expect them necessarily to find a new audience. I also love that AO3 is intended to be a permanent archive, and that it was founded by the Organization for Transformative Works.

      Okay, now this reply is way longer than I’d meant it to be, so I’ll stop here!

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