Poll Results for the Next WIP to be Updated

So the polls have closed, and here are the results.

Between the poll over on LJ and the one here on my blog, there were fourteen participants in the poll. Not stellar in terms of numbers, but sufficient for a clear outcome — and the readers who are really looking forward to the updates were the ones who participated, and so their enthusiasm will be rewarded! 🙂

In first place with seven votes: A Long Vernal Season. (Yay for Poppy and Severus! :D)
In second place with five votes: Charming the Scottish Garden (Johannes and Siofre have friends! So CSG will be next after LVS.)
Tied for third place with one vote apiece: STRAY and “none of the above — I’d like a new one-shot.” Well, Ro & Sirius will need to be patient, but their time will come! And for the new one-shot — I will do one! (Ask and ye shall receive, and all that — at least, sometimes!)

Sadly for Draco & Ginny and the other various characters in Draco’s Heart, their wait will be longer yet!

Anyone have any ideas of what sort of one-shot they’d enjoy reading? I can let the ideas percolate in my noggin while I’m catching up on the other fics. Leave me a comment here with your ideas and suggestions!

What do you think?

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