“A Long Vernal Season” now posting to An Archive of Our Own

Now that I’ve archived all of my completed fics on AO3, I’m posting my works-in-progress, beginning with A Long Vernal Season.

It will take a while for the story on AO3 to catch up with where it is on TPP — I have posted the first thirteen chapters so far — but I hope to post between 10 and 15 chapters each day, when I’m able, until they are caught up, then I will begin posting the other WIPs.

I’m excited about being able to offer readers an additional archive to read my stories on.

A Long Vernal Season

Here’s the description from AO3:

A Snape-centric post-war fic.

Severus Snape had believed that, for him, life after the Dark Lord was an impossibility, that his death was not merely justice, but necessity. He has survived, though, and now he must learn to live his new, unexpected life, and to find something beyond the narrow existence to which he was once bound.

Not Deathly Hallows-compliant. DH-disregarded.

All early content rated T (Parts One and Two), but subsequent chapters may contain explicit sexual content, primarily het, suitable only for adult readers. Watch the individual chapter summaries and author’s notes for ratings, warnings, and the characters appearing in that chapter.

Part One finds Severus dealing with some very immediate and dangerous consequences of his final confrontation with the Dark Lord more than three months before.

And these are some of the tags on the story:

Poppy Pomfrey/Severus Snape
Other minor pairings
Minerva McGonagall & Severus Snape (the ampersand indicates friendship)
Albus Dumbledore & Severus Snape
Severus Snape & Hermione Granger
Severus Snape & other friends
Severus Snape & Gareth McGonagall

Severus Snape
Poppy Pomfrey
Minerva McGonagall
Gareth McGonagall (OMC)
Albus Dumbledore
Filius Flitwick
Canon Character(s)

Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence
Post War

4 responses to ““A Long Vernal Season” now posting to An Archive of Our Own

  1. It’s so great to have all your stories on A03 as well! Thank you for going to all the pains of uploading so many chapters there as well. TPP isn’t a place a care to visit any longer after the way they behave.

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad that you’ll be able to continue reading on AO3! It certainly sounds like you had a very negative experience — and bizarre, as well.
      One thing I love about AO3 is that I have complete control over comments, just as I do on my blogs, and I can get rid of spam or flames without appealing (unsuccessfully) to some third party which never responds. I wouldn’t delete something just because it’s negative, or even if I thought it was wrong, but it’s good to know that if I get a spate of spam on AO3, I can get rid of it with just a few clicks on my own. (It’s annoying to have dozens of spam or troll posts and not be able to do anything about it, or even be given the courtesy of a reply, even if all it were to say would be “we cannot do anything about this kind of issue because we are understaffed” or something. Or even, “go fly a kite”!)

      I also like that we can edit our comments so that we can fix typos or add something we forgot to say without having to add another comment.

      • …. or do corrections in cases of usage of the wrong tab, as I already proved *g*. I’m absolutely with you on all these points. Sure, it might be tempting for some to remove unliked or negative reviews. But while I would never to so myself, I don’t have a problem with it if someone feels the need to. Either someone can live with honest constructive criticism, or he/she can’t. Not that I give that often, or at all, but if I did and it was deleted, my reaction would be a shrug and the consequence of not leaving more reviews to this author.

        The only reviews I have ever deleted or asked to be deleted (on FFnet, which had been done in each case) were either spam or shameless pimping of own fics or profile copy&pasted together with some generic positive feedback. You certainly know the kind, like “great fic, please look also at my….” . *rolls eyes*

        • I hate those kinds of “reviews” where it’s obvious that the person hadn’t read the fic and only wants to advertise their own. I did get a number of those on ffnet, but never had them removed; I just didn’t respond. Or they are trying to drum up support for some rpg thing, but have never left other reviews on the story or other stories of yours, and are just going through random stories hoping to ingratiate themselves with enough naive writers that they get more involvement in whatever they are promoting.

          I’ve deleted some anonymous trolls on ffnet fics, but that was it. I think I only asked for one logged-in review to be deleted because it was someone who was becoming increasingly nasty in their reviews, and they were escalating to flames, then I blocked the person. I eventually unblocked them, and they’d gone away to bother other people.

          There were a couple of reviews on TPP that a few readers thought amounted to flames, but I let them sit and never asked for their removal.
          Like you, though, I can understand why some people might want to see only glowing comments or none at all. If that’s the case, then on AO3, it’s kind of like each member has their own subarchive, and they can keep the comments to the theme or tone they prefer, and that’s fine with me.
          Oh, another thing I like about the comments at AO3: it appears that other readers can jump in on a comment thread and not only their own, so in theory, it can promote conversation.

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