The Voting in the Spring/Summer 2013 HP Fanfic Fan Poll Is Open

HP Fanfic Fan Poll Nomination

The nominations have closed, and the voting is open, in the HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards.

There are many categories, each with subcategories, so go over and check out the fics that other fans have nominated as their faves.

I’m really pleased that a couple of my fics are in the “Legacy” subcategories for a couple categories — Resolving a Misunderstanding and Death’s Dominion, for Minerva x Anyone and Gen, respectively. And they’re in very good company — in fact, my most recent fic rec, “Gin a Body Meet a Body,” is there with RaM. 🙂

Take a look at the fics in your favorite category or categories, enjoy them (or not!), and then vote for your favorites! You’ve got two months for lots of reading!

What do you think?

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