May Drabble #4: “Just Business”

Full moonOne-hundred words for Remus. This one is set in the year after he left school.

“Just Business”

“You wanted to see me, sir?” Remus asked, as the door closed behind him.

“I’ve got to let you go, Lupin.”


“It’s not your work. And I don’t have anything against your kind, you understand. But it’s my customers. I can’t afford to lose them.”

Remus stepped back. “What do you mean?”

“You’ve worked here four months. Been sick three times, come into work ragged after. I’m no astronomer, but I can see the night sky.”

“But my work—”

“If I noticed, customers will too, eventually.” He waved his wand, opening the door. “It’s just business, Lupin.”

“Just … business.”

8 responses to “May Drabble #4: “Just Business”

  1. Awwww, that’s so typical.
    PS: Still want another Pomfrey drabble and YOU ARE AMAZING!

  2. “Just … business.” yeahh and already opening the door, before Remus can even defend himself…

    Typical indeed.

    Scenes of a troubled life (including the ‘ups’! 🙂 )- standing model for so many troubled lives, IMO.

  3. The harsh reality of a werewolf’s life. Poor Remus again – well met to bring this into words.

    • I’ve always thought he must have led a rather bleak and lonely existence during those years, only becoming worse after James and Lily were killed and Sirius was sent to Azkaban. Glad you liked this little drabble. 🙂

  4. I love the way this collection of Remus drabbles is painting the big picture of his life in little moments. I think you’re the master of the “drabble series”!

    • Thanks! It was only after writing the second drabble that I decided to try to make it a real series. I hope I’ll be able to continue that with the other sets of drabbles, as well — even if I write them a bit out of order, perhaps. 🙂 I can always re-order them when I post them to the archives.

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