May Drabble #5: “Leaving Hogwarts … Again”

Full moonHere is the final drabble for Remus Lupin. Here, he’s joined by Albus Dumbledore. Takes place the seventh of June 1994.

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“Leaving Hogwarts … Again”

by MMADfan

“We both knew something would happen, Professor.” Remus smiled wanly. “I lasted the year, and I’m not dead. And things could have gone much worse last night.”

“I know that in the scheme of things, this was not the worst outcome, but I wish it were a better one for you.”

Remus shrugged. “More people know. It could’ve happened anyway, for another reason, maybe a worse one. I didn’t hurt anyone. I just wish we hadn’t lost Peter.”

“I do not believe we have seen the last of him,” Dumbledore said, “nor that his fate will be an enviable one.”

4 responses to “May Drabble #5: “Leaving Hogwarts … Again”

  1. Dumbledore and his insight!

    Yes, such a bitter little talk must’ve taken place between them, at the end of the year.

    Well written, in character, summing up – in a few lines – an important episode, made foreboding by Albus’s words.
    But it’s so concise, I had to reread it a few times before I could fully place this scene and, by then fully convinced, reach to this conclusion!


    • This drabble was particularly difficult to keep to 100 words, but I didn’t want to make it 200 because I thought that would “water it down” — there is something to be said for the exercise of putting as much as possible into very few words. I’m glad that you liked it, once you figured out when it was taking place! Thanks!

  2. You’ve really hit a homerun here, showing how truly AWFUL it must be to be a werewolf–because Remus knows it’s not just about him, it’s about the danger to the people around him. How terrible it must be not to know every month if THIS is the time it all goes pear-shaped.

    • Exactly — an how horrible to realize that if it had happened on that occasion, it would have been fully your fault, since you had access to Wolfsbane but didn’t take it. And at a school full of children, too — it must have been nightmarish for him to realize what could have happened. And I’m sure it’s worse normally, when he’s not at Hogwarts, getting Wolfsbane regularly.

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