May Drabble #6: “Belated Gift”

Crystal BallAt the suggestion of Hogwarts Duo, the second character in this month’s drabble series is Sybill Trelawney. Here, her future as Hogwarts Divination instructor is still somewhat far off.

“Belated Gift”

by MMADfan

“Don’t worry, Sybill, you’re doing fine. You’ve a wonderful grasp of interpretation.”

“But I never See what you do in the crystal ball, or anything else. Gran, what if I don’t have the Gift?” Tears welled in Sybill’s eyes.

“You do. I See it in you. Don’t worry so about crystal gazing. You do well with the Tarot, and your tasseomancy is excellent.”

“But I can’t rely on cards and tea leaves!”

“Just until your Gift develops. Aunt Ada was fifty before her Sight developed.”

“Thirty-five more years? I’ll die!”

“No, I See a long, momentous life ahead of you!”

6 responses to “May Drabble #6: “Belated Gift”

  1. Yay, Sybil drabbles. This should be fun. She has a lot of potential for humor and excitement and even some prophecy. Thanks for taking the suggestion.

  2. Ha, ha! It’s perfect!

    Lovely layered and what to ‘them’ would’ve been utterly serious is to us (or at least to me) an ironic insight in the ‘honing of the gift’.

    You perfectly captured a young Sybil also – her later tone can already be detected.

    The last line rounds it of with the same sneaky humour.

    Like said: perfect!

  3. “Thirty-five more years? I’ll die!” Spoken like a true child!

    Nice to see someone taking Sybill seriously for once.

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