May Drabble #10: “Sybill at Her Battlements”

Crystal BallOne hundred words for Sybill’s final drabble. I hope you enjoyed these little slices of Sybill’s life!

“Sybill at Her Battlements”

by MMADfan

Sybill waved her wand and lined up another row of crystal balls. She still had a few dozen more on her shelves. Bringing to her mind the Dark Mark, Sybil aimed a fresh barrage down among the combatants. Every missile swerved among the Hogwarts defenders, and each hit a Death Eater; some foes fell to the ground, many knocked senseless. None who were hit were left unscathed.

Sybill almost smiled as she Summoned another dozen balls to her window. As Minerva had long before advised her, she’d kept her wits about her. Her wand let loose another hail of crystal.

3 responses to “May Drabble #10: “Sybill at Her Battlements”

  1. This!

    It’s what she would have done and it is so very ‘Sybil’: on her own, a bit apart from the others, but surely trying to contribute to ‘the cause’ in her very own way.

    I love the image and can see how effective it would be: shooting a downpour of crystal balls. How convenient that she kept so many of them for her classes. 🙂

    You succeed to write Sybil,as Sybil, from Sybil’s standpoint and by doing so make her feel a bit closer and more understandable and just that little bit less repulsive (and why not: I’m never a fan of character bashing. Also in RL, there are hardly any true black or white people)

    And, I only noticed it now: the crystal ball avatar for the Sybil drabbles. It makes for a very nice little addition and point of recognition. Now I have to look, too, at the Lupin drabbles…a wolf, probably?! 🙂

  2. Ohh, a full moon and such a beautiful one at that! I’m gladly surprised you used the moon, rather than the wolf. The wolf is used so often, it’s almost a stereotype.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like seeing Sybill in this way. She’s a character I’ve not really written, and the few times she’s shown up in passing in my fics, it’s been from others’ points-of-view, and not very charitable ones. I’m glad you feel that I’ve succeeded in capturing a more accessible and less annoying Sybill!

      Glad you liked the full moon. I’m hoping I’ll be able to find an appropriate icon/avatar for each of the characters I write for these drabbles. I do still hope to catch up & write ten more drabbles before the end of the month. The next character up is Aberforth.

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