May Drabble #14: “Youthful Lesson Remembered” — an Aberforth Dumbledore Drabble

Angora Goat AvatarHere’s a one-hundred word drabble for Aberforth. It’s set in the Hog’s Head sometime during the seventies.

“Youthful Lesson Remembered”

by MMADfan

“Yer better off.”

Surprised, the wizards at the bar looked up. Abe wasn’t a chatty barman, and his vehemence was strong and bitter.

“Lucy  is a wonderful witch,” Caradoc protested.

“You think Dearborn shouldn’t make up with her?” Benjy asked.

“’S his business.” Aberforth flicked his rag at the counter. “Bu’ women, they’re chancey critters, an’ more trouble than they’re worth.”

“It’s my fault,” Caradoc said. “I neglected her, stood her up.”

“Don’t matter. Yeh c’uld go through Hades fer one, and she’d find yeh wantin’.”

“Unlucky in love?”

“Lucky I learnt it young! I stick wi’ me faithful goats.”

Note: Aberforth here is remembering the aftermath of “Inappropriate Charms,” when the young lady did not speak up for him after he was arrested, and then refused to see him again.

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