May Drabble #15: “An Heir to Burden,” an Aberforth Dumbledore Drabble

Angora Goat AvatarAberforth’s final drabble is two hundred words. Here he is with his brother again, this time in early 1997.

“An Heir to Burden”

by MMADfan

“Wha’s the occasion, Albus?”

“At our age, does there need to be one?”

Aberforth took a swallow of ale. “There is, though. I see it in yer eye.”

“Perhaps. But I did want to see you, see how things are at the Hog’s Head.”

“Well enough. I’m throwin’ out more bad apples than us’al, an’ there are a few I’d like to toss but daren’t, if yeh know what I mean.”

“Unfortunately, yes. Overhear anything interesting lately?”

“Naught since Christmas.” Aberforth looked at his brother’s blackened hand. “Yeh don’ expect t’ see another, do yeh?” he asked softly.

“It would be a surprise … and not necessarily a pleasant one.”

“So, it’s like that, is it?” Aberforth exhaled slowly. “If yeh need anythin’ … I’m never you, but if there’s aught I can do, I hate them Dark lot as much as the next wizard.”

“Keep an eye on Harry.” Albus handed him a small mirror. “Harry and Severus. They’ll both need you. Wait till the right moment to help them openly. Don’t waste yourself early, Abbie, or you’ll be no help to anyone when the crisis comes.”

“If I must choose?”

Albus grimaced. “Harry.”

“Hope I don’t have t’ choose.”

“So do I.”

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