June Drabble #2: “Meeting Mr Figg,” an Arabella Figg Drabble

Digestive BiscuitsOne hundred words for Arabella as she joins the Order of the Phoenix.

“Meeting Mr Figg”

Barclay left Mike Figg and Arabella in the Diggle’s garden.

Mike smiled. “Barclay’s talked a lot about you.”

“You played Quidditch together?”

Mike nodded. “Your brother’s good. Too bad he turned down the Falcons to work for the MLE.”

“What do you do?”

“Work in my aunt’s magical menagerie. I keep an eye on Diagon Alley for the Order, too. You like animals?” Mike surveyed her cat-fur covered jumper.

“Of course!”

“I’m feeding the kneazles this evening. Come along with me?”

“I’d love to!”

“Maybe after, we could get ice cream … if you’d like.”

Arabella blushed.

“Meeting’s starting!” Dedalus called.

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