June Drabble #5: “Dirge-by-Owl” an Arabella Figg drabble

Digestive BiscuitsA final one-hundred words for Arabella.


by MMADfan

Arabella hugged Mr Cribbens; the rusty half-Kneazle purred throatily, his claws catching her jumper as he kneaded her shoulder. Tears dripped onto his fur, but he didn’t mind.

The black-bordered announcement ceased its dirge and now lay starkly between a plate of digestives and a pot of cold tea.

It seemed impossible. The wizard who had given her a place, a role, in the wizarding world, dead. Despite Dumbledore’s immense age, Arabella had always believed he’d outlive her.

Minerva had added a handwritten note to the announcement, offering any help Arabella needed to attend the funeral. Arabella would be there.

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