HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards

ADMM in Resolving a Misunderstanding - links to folder locationMany thanks to everyone who voted for my fics, Resolving a Misunderstanding and Death’s Dominion, in the HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards. Thanks to you, Resolving a Misunderstanding reached the top spot in the Fan Poll for the Legacy Minerva McGonagall Death's Dominion thumbnailstory, and Death’s Dominion was in first in the Legacy Gen Fic category. I’m completely bowled over!

Congrats, too, to everyone else who was nominated and those who placed in the Fan Poll. There were a lot of good reads among the nominations. Check out the long list of fics, particularly those nominated in the Minerva McGonagall category if you especially enjoy stories focussing on her.

Also, I want to point out my friend Squibstress‘s fics, four of which placed in second, with one of them also placing in third, in FIVE separate categories! That’s definitely a great outcome and speaks to the overall quality of her writing and what enjoyable reads they are:

Minerva McGonagall – Best Legacy Story Gin a Body Meet a Body (Minerva/Severus; MA/NC-17; 11,615 words), 2nd place
Minerva McGonagall – Best Drama/Angst Story & Best Het-Smut Story When I Waked, I Cried to Dream Again (Albus/Minerva; M/R; 1,466 words), 3rd & 2nd, respectively
Minerva McGonagall – Best Romance Story Epithalamium (Albus/Minerva; MA/NC-17; 189,589 words), 2nd
General – Best Dark Story Alone and Palely Loitering (Nicolas Flamel/Perenelle Flamel, Nicolas Flamel/Albus Dumbledore; M/R; 3,253 words), 2nd

And here are the pretty banners that the Fanfic Fan Poll made me, with links to the two fics on An Archive of Our Own and TPP:

Minerva McGonagall Legacy Fic 1st Place - Resolving a Misunderstanding

Minerva McGonagall – Best Legacy Story Resolving a Misunderstanding (Albus/Minerva; MA/NC-17; 877,737 words)
RaM on TPP

GenFic Legacy 1st - Death's Dominion

General – Best Legacy Story Death’s Dominion (Snape-centric; Albus/Minerva; M/R; 285,796 words)

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