Arabella Figg’s drabble series

“A Squib’s Place,” a series of Arabella Figg drabbles, is now posted both to AO3 and to the Petulant Poetess.

“A Squib’s Place” on An Archive of Our Own.

“A Squib’s Place” on TPP.

Summary: Arabella Figg finds her place in the magical world. Follows Arabella from age eleven through the events of The Half-Blood Prince.

A drabble series. The second is a triple drabble of 300 words; the rest are each 100 words.

Characters: Arabella Figg, the Figg family, Albus Dumbledore, others

Rating: T/PG (rated M on TPP to avoid a troll’s spam comments that repeatedly afflicted other fics until I raised their ratings)

Warnings: none

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