August Drabble #2: “A Gift” — A Rubeus Hagrid Drabble

This one is a triple drabble for Hagrid. It takes place the evening of the same day as the previous drabble.

Characters: Rubeus Hagrid, Albus Dumbledore

“A Gift”

by MMADfan

Hagrid washed the four mugs in the basin Minerva had given him, setting them to dry on his makeshift counter. It wasn’t yet dark, but he thought he’d draw his new gingham curtains and go to bed. He started his new duties in the morning.

There was a knock at the door. With only a little trepidation, Hagrid hurried to open it. Perhaps it was Ogg with instructions for him.

“Perfessor Dumbledore! Er, come in.” Hagrid stood back.

“My, this looks quite homey,” Dumbledore said as he stepped in. “I thought you might need help preparing a bed, but I see you have one.” He looked puzzled and waved his wand over the bed, which shimmered. “Ah. Of course. Miss McGonagall was most displeased with the outcome, though I tried to explain that it was better than some. I’m glad you have such a staunch friend.”

“Yeah, she’s a marvel.”

“I noticed you weren’t at dinner. The Headmaster explained the restrictions he put in place, so I brought you supper.” Dumbledore handed Hagrid a basket. “In future, a house-elf will deliver groceries. Tell her what you require; she’ll provide it.”

“Ta, Perfesser. I din’t know wha’ I was s’posed t’ do. I ate some biscuits Miner– Miss McGonagall brought, but I worried about breakfast.”

“Go to the kitchens early. The house-elves will fix you up.”

Hagrid nodded. He’d be there before anyone could see him.

“If you need anything, tell me. You’re the assistant groundskeeper now, whatever restrictions the Headmaster may have imposed upon you. You are not a prisoner; you are a Hogwarts employee.” He drew a long, wrapped object from his robes. “One more thing: a gift.” His eyes twinkled as Hagrid unwrapped a pink umbrella.

“An umbrella?”

“A special umbrella. Give it a wave.”

Hagrid did, and grinned.

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