The Doctors Revisited UK Schedule | Doctor Who TV

The Doctors Revisited UK Schedule | Doctor Who TV.

The first four Doctors - Hartnell (1), Troughton(2), Baker (4), and Pertwee (3)

The schedule has been released for the broadcast of “The Doctors Revisited” in the UK. The first one airs Saturday, 12 October, at 2 p.m., to be followed immediately by “The Aztecs.” The Second Doctor’s special will be the following day, Sunday, 13 October, again at 2. The next episodes will be aired on successive Saturdays and Sundays, with each special followed by one of the iconic stories for that particular Doctor’s era.

ETA: Although this is a BBC production, it will be broadcast on WATCH, a satellite station that is partly owned by BBC. Here is WATCH’s page with an overview of the eleven Doctors.

2 responses to “The Doctors Revisited UK Schedule | Doctor Who TV

  1. They’re giving an ‘overview’ per doctor, or so?

    Perhaps, perhaps, were they to broadcast all of it again (seems impossible?!), I would watch it, as I start to get the feeling from comments here and there (yours! 🙂 ) that the series would’ve been worthwhile to follow.

    As it stands now, it just doesn’t appeal to me to start watching after so many years of missed episodes and to watch online from the start does not appeal to me either (I do hardly watch online, apart from the occasional youtube video) .

    My loss. But that I say now, after never having had the inclination to see Dr Who before.

    Thanks for the tip, you made me curious and for a moment I hoped it meant they were going to repeat the series, which was a rather foolish thought, haha.

  2. You could also start watching with the 9th Doctor episodes, then occasionally dip back into Classic episodes as you feel like it. Since the 9th Doctor was the first Doctor for restarted (not rebooted) series in 2005, a lot of people have only seen Doctors 9 through 11, and the new series did a very good job of being accessible to people who weren’t familiar with it before. There are a lot of classic villains in the new series — the Autons from the 9th Doctor’s first story were introduced in the Third Doctor’s era, for example, and the Cybermen have made appearances, and even The Great Intelligence, which is the current prime villain, has its roots in the Second Doctor’s era — but it’s not necessary to know or understand the history of the villains in order to enjoy the new episodes.

    If you ever do decide to start watching Classic Who, I suggest starting with the Third Doctor’s first episode, then watching them in order (I can send you a link to a site where you can do this easily). It’s not that the First and Second Doctors don’t have good stories, but many of the serials are incomplete because of a video wiping and purging policy that the BBC had in place up until the mid or late 70s. Also, the Pertwee era is in colour and has slightly higher production values than the earlier black & white serials — though there are still plenty of cheesy costumes and props throughout Classic Who. But the Third Doctor’s era was immensely popular at the time it first aired, and many of the stories gave rise to creatures and ideas that carried through to the new series — and it’s usually fun. Even in the serials in which the story is lacking, there are always great character moments, or enjoyable interactions between characters, so they’re still fun to watch.

    Definitely watch the Doctors Revisited series. I think you’ll enjoy it, and then you can jump into the new series and watch episodes for Doctors Nine through Eleven whenever you can, but start watching the new New Doctor with the 50th anniversary special. 🙂

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