RIP Alan Rickman

I was shocked to see the news of Alan Rickman’s death. The world’s lost a great talent. I send my sympathy to his family and friends, whose loss is personal. They must be experiencing a great void in their lives.

Rest in peace, Alan Rickman.

BBC article reporting Alan’s death.

Rickman and Stevenson with_Queen.jpg

2 responses to “RIP Alan Rickman

  1. It’s so sad and came as a total shock (for most people, I think? Did they keep his illness quiet or was his death very sudden?)

    I read so many very, very sad posts about his death and so it is: he had something so warm and so honest about him and then he was also so wonderful to watch, in his roles. If ‘we’ all miss him, it must be so much more hard for his family and friends.

    The Guardian had a great article on Alan, today:

  2. Thanks for the link, mars1960. I don’t understand why, but I’m extremely saddened by his death. As you say, if ‘we’ all miss him — how very hard for his family and friends.

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