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Directly From Your Browser to Your Kindle

KindleDo you want to be able to send blog articles, fanfic stories, or other web content to your Kindle? Some sites have buttons to download pages as html or in mobi format, and some other sites have buttons that say “Send to Kindle,” or just “K” along with the other sharing options. But what about sites that don’t?

Just about every major web browser has an extension or add-on that will give you a button in your browser’s bar that lets you send any page to Kindle. Check them out!

“Send to Kindle”: Send Once, Read Everywhere. Official Amazon extension.

“Send to Kindle” does just what it says. You can even select just some text to send. Official Amazon extension.

Opera’s “Readability” extension does a lot of cool things. It includes a “Send to Kindle” option and “Kindle Digest” option (for subscriptions). Among other functions the button provides: “Read Now,” which clears up the clutter on the webpage so that you can concentrate on the main content; “Stitch,” which will stitch together an article that is divided across several pages; and archiving. Download from the Opera website or download it from Readability directly. (You can set up your Kindle account settings with no Readability account here on Readability, or sign up for a Readability account, which gives you more options.)

Readability has an extension for Safari, too — Readability will direct you to the correct extension for your browser when you land on their page with a compatible browser.

There’s supposed to be an official “Send to Kindle” extension for Safari coming out for Amazon, but it was announced last year (2012), and it’s still not here, so Readability might be a good interim option.

I have only tried the Opera and Firefox add-ons, so if anyone has any experience with any others, or has any other recommendations or caveats about the ones I’ve listed, your input is welcome!

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