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Pottermore Store Open

PottermoreThe Pottermore Store is now open, selling English-language copies of the Harry Potter books. Other languages will be coming soon.

The good news: the books are pretty reasonably priced ($7.99 for the first one).

The bad news: if you live in the U.S., you can’t buy the original version but are forced to buy the U.S. language version.

For a lot of people, maybe most, that won’t matter, but I read them originally in  British English, the original, and I don’t want them in U.S. English. So my excitement about having them available, following many months of anticipation, was quickly turned to major disappointment. Since JKR owns the digital rights to her books, I don’t understand why she would keep people from buying them in the original just because they live in the U.S. It’s not like where different companies in different countries have the rights to them. Anyway, after this long wait, sadly I will not be buying the books in e-book format.

Death’s Dominion and “Enter, Peacetime” now available in mobi

Death's Dominion coverBoth Death’s Dominion and “Enter, Peacetime” are now available in mobi format for Kindle and Kindle apps.

They are easily converted to EPUB and other formats using the calibre app.

Download them from the Files area of the Our Mirror of Erised Yahoo Group.

For more information about Death’s Dominion, you can read its description here — but beware that there are spoilers in the chapter summaries. You may read Death’s Dominion online over at the Petulant Poetess.Enter, Peacetime Cover

“Enter, Peacetime” is available here as well as on the Petulant Poetess. It’s a one-shot with “missing scenes” from the end of Death’s Dominion and contains spoilers for that story.

Both ebooks are well formatted and Death’s Dominion has a full table of contents, as well as an appendix that includes chapter summaries and other information.

JK Rowling reignites DRM debate (Wired UK)

An older article (23 June 2011), but an interesting one. The HP series will apparently not be DRM-protected, but will be watermarked. I like this. 🙂

JK Rowling reignites DRM debate (Wired UK).

I plan to buy the series when it’s finally available on Pottermore (they’re saying early 2012 now, in order to be able to have their servers in shape to handle the heavy traffic).

Resolving a Misunderstanding now available in mobi format

If you enjoy rereading Resolving a Misunderstanding, or would like to read it for the first time but without being tethered to the internet and a fic archive, it is now available in (unencrypted) mobi format on Our Mirror of Erised.

ADMM in Resolving a Misunderstanding - links to folder location for RaM download

If you are already a member of Our Mirror of Erised, click here to go directly to the folder containing the file.

ETA: There are now many of my fics available in mobi/Kindle format, downloadable both from OMoE and from the Box cloud. To pick a fic and download it from Box, check out this list on my LJ. Edited 19 March 2013. Continue reading

What is Harry Potter “canon”?

The Pottermore conundrum for fanfic writers.

PottermoreNow that details are being revealed from the new Pottermore site and the new info that JKR is making available there, all kinds of previously held canon facts are being thrown into question. For example, Minerva McGonagall was always estimated as having been born in 1924 or 1925, and that she began teaching at Hogwarts in her early thirties. (This was based on a statement Rowling made in an early interview, in which she said that McGonagall was a “sprightly 70,” presumably in the then-current book, Goblet of Fire, which took place in 1994-95. Subtract 70 from 1994 and you get 1924, and since her birthday is in October, Minerva would have been 70 for most of the 1994-95 school year if she were born in October 1924.)

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