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BBC – Blogs – Doctor Who – Matt Smith announces he is to leave Doctor Who

BBC – Blogs – Doctor Who – Matt Smith announces he is to leave Doctor Who.

It will be interesting to see who the next Doctor will be! I’m hoping they go a bit older this time, at least 40+, though even older wouldn’t be bad. It might be a good change from the youthful Doctors we’ve had (as much as we’ve loved them), and I can see how it would fit thematically, too — well, depending on what they actually do with the 50th anniversary special. (I am looking forward to seeing David Tennant play the Doctor again!)

New Doctor Who video news recs

MattSmithBBC18032013Matt Smith on ‘vast and epic’ new Doctor Who

Check out this new BBC article and video interview with Matt Smith, with clips from the upcoming new episodes.

There’s another one on the  Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, too, also new today.

New: Fanfic Recommendations Page

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I have occasionally made fanfic recommendations on my blog. Now, rather than having to search through myriad posts tagged “fanfic recommendation” and skim through the blather to find the recommendations: Continue reading