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Information specific to the RaMverse story, _Death’s Dominion_.

HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards

ADMM in Resolving a Misunderstanding - links to folder locationMany thanks to everyone who voted for my fics, Resolving a Misunderstanding and Death’s Dominion, in the HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards. Thanks to you, Resolving a Misunderstanding reached the top spot in the Fan Poll for the Legacy Minerva McGonagall Death's Dominion thumbnailstory, and Death’s Dominion was in first in the Legacy Gen Fic category. I’m completely bowled over! Continue reading

The Voting in the Spring/Summer 2013 HP Fanfic Fan Poll Is Open

HP Fanfic Fan Poll Nomination

The nominations have closed, and the voting is open, in the HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards.

There are many categories, each with subcategories, so go over and check out the fics that other fans have nominated as their faves.

I’m really pleased that a couple of my fics are in the “Legacy” subcategories for a couple categories — Resolving a Misunderstanding and Death’s Dominion, for Minerva x Anyone and Gen, respectively. And they’re in very good company — in fact, my most recent fic rec, “Gin a Body Meet a Body,” is there with RaM. 🙂

Take a look at the fics in your favorite category or categories, enjoy them (or not!), and then vote for your favorites! You’ve got two months for lots of reading!

On Hope in “Death’s Dominion”

Death's Dominion thumbnail“There is no hope for me. I feel it. I know it. There will come a moment … I have no hope, not for me, not for anyone. I do not know why I continue,” Severus said […]

“There is always hope, Severus, even if it is not for ourselves,” Minerva said. “No matter the setbacks or the defeats, there is always hope. We will not surrender to despair, we will not capitulate to Darkness. Even should we die, we will die with hope for tomorrow. Even in our final breath, we will know that our triumph will come. We will die with that hope in our hearts, if we must, but today, we shall live in it. Even should he win the day, that pathetic little toe-rag who fancies himself a lord of wizards, even then, we will know that it will not last. Hope will shine before us always, an eternal star that urges us forward even as we pass through the valley of despair. So proceed with hope, Severus, not only with regret and recriminations, no matter where it leads you, even if it leads you into darkness and death. Hope will be there. Remember it and look to its light even if you breathe your last, and that hope will carry you beyond the darkness. Hope, love, faith: they together shall vanquish the Dark, and it is in us that they live.”

“And when we are dead?” Severus asked, morose and cynical. “Where, then, is that hope? Where, then, love?” Continue reading

Death’s Dominion and “Enter, Peacetime” now available in mobi

Death's Dominion coverBoth Death’s Dominion and “Enter, Peacetime” are now available in mobi format for Kindle and Kindle apps.

They are easily converted to EPUB and other formats using the calibre app.

Download them from the Files area of the Our Mirror of Erised Yahoo Group.

For more information about Death’s Dominion, you can read its description here — but beware that there are spoilers in the chapter summaries. You may read Death’s Dominion online over at the Petulant Poetess.Enter, Peacetime Cover

“Enter, Peacetime” is available here as well as on the Petulant Poetess. It’s a one-shot with “missing scenes” from the end of Death’s Dominion and contains spoilers for that story.

Both ebooks are well formatted and Death’s Dominion has a full table of contents, as well as an appendix that includes chapter summaries and other information.

On this day, four years ago . . .

Thoughts on Deathly Hallows, Writing, and the Muse

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows adult edition cover artOn 1 August 2007, I was still reeling from having read Deathly Hallows in a marathon reading session a little over a week before, and was recovering from my shock and disappointment. As I was reading, I kept waiting for the book to get better, kept waiting for it to feel like the Harry Potter series I had come to know and love. Continue reading