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“A Squib’s Place: An Arabella Figg Fic” posted to AO3

“A Squib’s Place,” the collection of Arabella Figg drabbles first posted here individually, is now up on An Archive of Our Own. It will be posted to TPP soon, as well.

June Drabble #6: “A Holiday Home for Hagrid”

This is the longest drabble I’ve written for this character-focussed series, a quintuple drabble for Hagrid in his first little fic. I have a few more coming up for him in July.

This story is set during Hagrid’s second year at Hogwarts.

“A Holiday Home for Hagrid”

by MMADfan

Rubeus shifted nervously from foot-to-foot. He’d never seen the inside of a pub before Continue reading

June Drabble #5: “Dirge-by-Owl” an Arabella Figg drabble

Digestive BiscuitsA final one-hundred words for Arabella.


by MMADfan

Arabella hugged Mr Cribbens; the rusty half-Kneazle purred throatily, his claws catching her jumper as he kneaded her shoulder. Continue reading

June Drabble #4: “Arabella’s Battle”

Digestive BiscuitsOne-hundred words for Arabella.

“Arabella’s Battle”

by MMADfan

Arabella closed the telephone box door, swallowing hard. She’d rarely set foot in the Ministry, Continue reading

June Drabble #3: “Loss” an Arabella Figg Drabble

Digestive BiscuitsAnother one-hundred word drabble looking in on a devastating moment in Mrs Figg’s life. Set in the mid-seventies.


by MMADfan

“I’m very sorry, Arabella,” Dumbledore said softly.

A tuxedo tom with a squashed face jumped into her lap. Another ginger cat leapt up to the cushion beside her, placing her paws on her arm. Continue reading