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Images and banners related to MMADfan fanfics.

“A Long Vernal Season” Updated

very small LVS banner

Chapter Ninety-Seven: Another Splash of Whiskey
Thursday, 1 April 1999.
Severus and Gareth spend the evening together, and Severus relaxes after his earlier encounter with Madam Gamp.
Rated T.
Characters: Severus Snape, Gareth McGonagall

Hope you enjoy this update!

RaMverse Pics

Here are a few banners and other pics from the RaMverse stories — Resolving a Misunderstanding, A Holiday with the Headmaster, Death’s Dominion, and others.

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Resolving a Misunderstanding Seals

Chapter, “Plans”: Minerva writes some letters and has breakfast with her mother and father. She makes more changes to the Egidius Seal to complete her personalization of it.

Here are images of the two seals, Minerva’s mother’s is the first one, and her modified one is below it:

Egidius Seal

Egeria Egidius's Seal

Minerva's Seal from Resolving a Misunderstanding

Minerva McGonagall's Seal