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Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and a Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone who celebrates holidays at this time of year has a happy, healthy holiday season!


Just to let everyone know that I’m away for the Thanksgiving holiday, and will be online only sporadically for the next several days. Next weekend, I hope to have a little DD game up for folks to play.


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday and is coming up in the U.S. this Thursday, and because my LJ is chiefly devoted to my fanfics, I thought I’d list a few things I’m grateful for.

I am thankful for and appreciative of my anonymous beta. She has been patient with me when I wanted to scream and throw my laptop out and give up writing anything more complex than a grocery list, and she has been great for bouncing ideas off of and can always be counted on for a frank opinion of them! Thank you!

I am thankful for all those who, with no monetary compensation, maintain the archives that we all enjoy reading on and posting to. Thank you!

I am thankful to those readers who took anything from a few seconds to a few minutes to leave a review after reading a chapter of one of my stories; they have offered encouragement and a sense that writing, rewriting, revising, polishing, posting, and sharing my stories has been worth it. And I’m grateful for those who have reviewed and encouraged other authors’ stories, as well, since it helps add to the richness of the fanfiction world. Thank you!

I am thankful to JKR for creating the HP universe and for letting us play in it and not behaving as a certain writer of vampire novels does. It’s allowed a lot of people to exercise their imaginations, their creativity, and their writing skills, and many more people to enjoy the fruits thereof. Whatever quibbles I have about the way the series ended, I’m nonetheless very grateful.

So even in my “non-RL,” I can find reasons to be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Some Christmasy Fic Recs

Again, I normally don’t make fic recs on my LJ or blog because I’m always afraid of leaving out someone or causing hurt feelings or whatever, however, I recently recommended these fics elsewhere and thought I’d go ahead and replicate the post here.

I’ve read a lot of good Christmas/Yule/Winter fics over the years, many of which I don’t remember and which I read before I began using the MMADfan penname, so I have only got a few recs here. The links are to ffnet and OWL just because on ffnet, I could look at my C2, and then I just happened to pop over to OWL to look and see whether I could find fics there that I had read way-back-when, since I used to read mostly on OWL and SH before I started writing (I don’t believe I was aware of TPP back then). Anyway, here are a few, and ironically, the stories I found on OWL weren’t posted there when I first read them (I think they must also be on SH, or were at the time).

If I can think of or find some of the other holiday stories I’ve enjoyed in the past, I will add them to this post.

This is a sweet ADMM story by Hogwarts Duo. Minerva gets her Christmas wish . . . and there’s a very strategically placed red bow on her gift!

Pumblechook Not exactly a Christmas fic, though it’s still seasonal and has quite a bit of Christmas to it, Pumblechook by wartcap is one of my favorite fics. Read it; I really doubt you’ll regret it. It’s LOL FUNNY! It’s over at OWL, which is where this link leads, but I think it’s posted elsewhere, as well, and I’m pretty sure I originally read it over on Sycophant Hex. *ETA: Here’s the link to it over on Sycophant Hex: Pumblechook.*

Travels with Trolls
is also by wartcap, and is extremely funny. It is three short chapters that will leave you wanting more. It’s got a completely loopy Lockhart who just had me in stitches. The second chapter is called “Holidays with Hags,” and the third chapter is “Christmas on the Closed Ward.” Enjoy (and review!) – I am certain that I originally read this on SH, because I remember reviewing it over there on my old user account. *ETA: Travels with Trolls on SH.* She has recently reposted some of her stories to OWL, it appears. (I really like OWL, but I don’t post there because I didn’t want to have to go through the entire validation process over there again after having already gone through it at SH & TPP. But it’s a great site for HP fics!)

Feel free to add comments to this thread with some Christmas fic recs of your own!

A somewhat Christmasy fic

I noticed that people are already thinking about Christmas, and about Christmas-themed fanfics, so I thought I’d post links to the one Christmasy story I have written, “The Unsentimental Arithmancer.”

“The Unsentimental Arithmancer” on ffnet.
“The Unsentimental Arithmancer” on TPP.

It’s also posted on the CR boards in the “Friends of” category, and over at Lumos.