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There Were Three Ravens

An old trad song dating back a few centuries. One of my favorites when I was a kid — kids like the oddest things, sometimes! I guess the tragedy appealed to me! That and the ravens, the loyal hawks and dogs, and the sweet doe. 😉

Another nice trad song

The Corries sing “The Skye Boat Song.”

Mo Ghile Mear

Music for a Friday.

Hope, longing, loss, love, it’s got it all, doesn’t it?

A nice Irish song of Scotland for the day after St. Patrick’s Day. 🙂

Silly Wizard’s “Donald McGillivray”

One of my favorite versions of “Donald McGillivray” is this one by the Silly Wizard group.

I listened to “Donald McGillivray” when writing some of the scenes in chapter 29 of Death’s Dominion, because it strikes me as a very Gareth McGonagall kinda song — when he’s in a certain mood, anyway! 😉

Hallelujah k.d. lang

I was pottering around on YouTube listening to different covers of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. I hadn’t known that k.d. lang had done a version of it. I liked it — and she sings a version that I like, though not the final verse that I prefer about standing before the Lord of Song (I guess that there are literally dozens of Cohen’s verses to choose from). Still, it’s a good cover.