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RIP Alan Rickman

I was shocked to see the news of Alan Rickman’s death. The world’s lost a great talent. I send my sympathy to his family and friends, whose loss is personal. They must be experiencing a great void in their lives.

Rest in peace, Alan Rickman.

BBC article reporting Alan’s death.

Rickman and Stevenson with_Queen.jpg


BBC News – Hardtalk – David Hare: Writing ‘has now become my life’. A bit of a twitterish post here, but I thought that anyone who writes might be interested in seeing this snippet of an interview with David Hare, … Continue reading

Happy Canada Day!

Of holidays and fireflies

Canadian FlagI thought that’s as good a reason for a post as any! I saw a new month in my footer calendar, and thought I’d start off the month with a post. As I’m pretty bereft of ideas today, I thought, “Aha! It’s Canada Day! I’ll wish my neighbors to the north a good day!” 🙂 Continue reading

Craig Ferguson gets Wicked

This is an older video, but one I enjoyed when I first saw it and again when I ran across it tonight:

The Pogues

Does the Subaru ad mean that the Pogues are now mainstream?

That’s sad. Very sad . . .

Try this one instead: