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NaNoWriMo: Semi-Hiatus for my Fanfics

I’ve decided that the month of November, I’ll be devoting most (if not all) of my writing time to NaNoWriMo. This will not only give me a block of well-defined time to work on my own original writing, rather than derivative fanfic, but it will also help me to decide what to do with the fanfiction that I have currently in progress.

I’ll no doubt finish Charming the Scottish Garden, and likely upload it all eventually, as well, since I’m enjoying the characters and the slowly developing romance in it. Draco’s Heart will likely also be finished and uploaded, though, because it’s practically finished already, and even though it’s not a fic close to my heart as Charming the Scottish Garden or A Long Vernal Season are, it’s a pretty straightforward fic to write: short and fast-moving, with a clear, pretty much single-note plot with only a few undercurrents to it.

A Long Vernal Season, on the other hand, is one I’m very fond of and enjoy writing, but it is complicated and the characters have a lot of depth to them. Continue reading

Too hot to be inspired . . .

It’s HOT here. Again. It’s supposed to go up to 103 today (that’s 34 C), with the heat index making it feel like 110.

I’m not going anywhere if I don’t have to. Merely opening the door this morning practically knocked me over. I have a/c in the house, but it’s an old house with retrofitted hvac, and I can’t praise the job the previous owners did when they had it installed. However, it does keep me from melting, though it’s been struggling to keep the downstairs at a liveable temp — I am not looking forward to my electric bill after the last month!

So since I’ve already written a heat inspired fic — “It’s not the heat” — I don’t know whether I’ll be able to find any inspiration to write this weekend. I’d thought to work on the next chapter of A Long Vernal Season, but that doesn’t seem terribly likely at the moment. Besides, it seems a lot of people haven’t found the last chapter of LVS that I posted yet.  Or they’re off at the beach. Or they’ve melted in the heat. Or something. 😉

Speaking of fanfic and updates, Hogwarts Duo recently updated their fic over on ffnet, if you’re looking for something fluffy and ADMM-ish to read! I updated Charming the Scottish Garden on Thursday evening, so there’s some Johannes and Siofre budding romance to read, too. Hmmm, maybe I could manage to write some CSG today . . .

Off to find something cool to do now . . .

Updates during May

Just posting to say that, in case you missed my mention of it elsewhere, RL will be hectic for the next couple weeks, and it is very unlikely that I will be updating A Long Vernal Season until sometime the last week in May. If I update sooner, you may be happily surprised!

I hope everyone has a great month!

Gimme My Coffee!

How I feel most mornings lately . . . 😉

This struck me today . . .

“People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.”
~ Thich Nhat Hanh