Compendium: Who, When, Where?

Compendium of RaMverse Information

Have a question about one of the stories or characters in the Resolving a Misunderstanding series of HP fanfics? You can find answers in some of the following posts and pages. Still have a question? Feel free to ask it in the comment form or contact me!

Who’s Who in the RaMverse

What Happened When

Where to Begin Reading

  • Where to Begin? A Recommended Reading Order for RaMverse Fics: The Resolving a Misunderstanding universe fics listed in reading order and divided into three stand-alone sets.
  • MMADfan Fanfics, Sorted by Category: Want to find a romance? A short fic you can read in one sitting? An epic-length novel? A Severus Snape story? One where Minerva is featured? An ADMM fic? A story set in the Resolving a Misunderstanding universe? A look at this list may help you find the sort of fic that you’re in the mood for.
  • Basic List of MMADfan Fanfics: Well-organized list of all MMADfan fanfics with links, shorter summaries, no graphics.
  • All MMADfan Fanfics: List of all MMADfan fanfics with enhanced summaries, links, and banners. (Somewhat random order.)

Other Relevant RaMverse Information

  • Tables of Contents: ToCs for the longer chaptered stories in the Resolving a Misunderstanding/Death’s Dominion series.
  • RaM-Latin: spells, passwords, and other “magical Latin” used in Resolving a Misunderstanding.
  • New Spells in Death’s Dominion: spells created and used in Death’s Dominion.
  • RaM Character Names: origins of many of the names appearing in Resolving a Misunderstanding.
  • Minerva’s Seal: a mock-up of the seal Minerva McGonagall uses and the Egidius seal she based it on. Motto: Consolari Sat Gignere Medella (to comfort enough to bring forth healing).

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