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For the comprehensive list of all my Harry Potter fanfiction, organized and with summaries, see the page “List of All MMADfan Fics.” A number of my short fics are also available here on my blog.

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Note: Fics with MA-rated content are archived primarily at sites requiring log-in and membership, such as the Petulant Poetess archive and the Our Mirror of Erised Yahoo! Group, which has fanfic available for download in the “Files” area. The Petulant Poetess site allows anyone, members and nonmembers, to read and review stories rated K, K+, and T. Stories rated M or MA require membership and log in to read. An Archive of Our Own is more flexible, and individual authors may set whether stories are available to those who are not logged-in members. At this writing (Feb. 2013), I have chosen to allow access to all of my stories to any visitor to the site, including guests.



As I assume everyone who is able to read knows, Harry Potter and the Harry Potter universe and its characters belong entirely to J.K. Rowling and those with whom she has contracts assigning certain of her copyrights (e.g., Warner Bros.). This HP fanfiction is intended as personal entertainment and as a humble homage to JKR’s wonderful fictional universe. It is not intended to infringe on her copyright in any way, but is intended to promote the continued reading and enjoyment of her books. I make no profit from this and strongly doubt my story has the power to divert any profit from JKR.

Please do not take any of my stories as an infallible source for information about the real world, whether scientific, cultural, social, literary, veterinary, geographic or otherwise. I strive for verisimilitude, and borrow heavily from the real world, including from world history, literary history, science, nature, and world culture, but verisimilitude is different from strict accuracy. (Some folk I have found to be either very literal or rather naive.) Obviously, the Harry Potter magical universe comes from JKR’s series, though I’ve added people, places, things, and concepts of my own — that’s what makes it fanfiction! :-) I hope you enjoy the stories!