Original Character Fics

Original Character Fanfic

Here are some stories that feature original characters, usually with a healthy dose of canon characters, as well.

Full descriptions available on the List of All MMADfan Fics. Many of these stories are also available on An Archive of Our Own.

  • “A Spree with Albus”: one-shot; drama, humor AU; features Albus Dumbledore and Malcolm McGonagall.  (T)
  • “An Unexpected Shower”: one-shot; romance, erotica, humor, AU; features Gertrude Gamp and Malcolm McGonagall. (MA)
  • Charming the Scottish Garden: short novel; romance, drama, humor, AU; features Siofre Tyree, Johannes Birnbaum, and Lydia Prince Tyree, with many mentions and some appearances by canon characters, including Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore, Aberforth Dumbledore, Rubeus Hagrid, and Eileen Prince. (T)
  • “The Fifth Gryffindor”: short story, one-shot, psychological drama, canon compliant ; features The Marauders (James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew) and Severus Snape, through the eyes of another (T/M)
  • “Malcolm’s Tale of Angus Óg“: one-shot, humor, myth/legend, AU; features Minerva. (K+)
  • “The Sorting of Suzie Sefton”: short story in four chapters; drama, humor, gen, AU; features Suzie Sefton, with appearances by Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, Poppy Pomfrey, Rubeus Hagrid, and other canon characters. AU postwar. (T; also available here on MMADfan)
  • “The Unsentimental Arithmancer”: short story, one-shot; drama, romance, humor, AU; features Gertrude Gamp, Reginald Crouch, and Albus Dumbledore, with an appearance by Fawkes. (T; also here on MMADfan)

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Please Note: Any fics with MA-rated content are archived primarily at sites requiring log-in and membership, such as the Petulant Poetess archive and the Our Mirror of Erised Yahoo! Group, which has fanfic available for download in the “Files” area. The Petulant Poetess site allows anyone, members and nonmembers, to read and review stories rated K, K+, and T. Stories rated M or MA require membership and log in to read. An Archive of Our Own does not restrict fics based on membership; authors determine whether guests are able to read their fics or not. At this writing, guests may read any of the stories I have posted to An Archive of Our Own. For the complete list of fics that I have posted to AO3, see the list there.

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