Rare Pairs Poll Results

Rare Pairs in Harry Potter Fanfiction

Hogwarts crest - leads to Rare Pairs Poll pdfPoll Results

Here are the results of the poll, which closed on 04 July 2011.

You can see that there are a few sheets of results. One sheet is an abbreviated version that shows the pairs ranked most rare to least; the next sorts alphabetically by the first person listed in the pair; the final one sorts by the second person listed.


Please contact me if you get an error message when viewing the Google spreadsheet and are unable to see it.

(Generally, any errors can be corrected by clearing the cache and reloading the page. I’ve tested this page in Firefox, Opera, and IE, and the embed appeared fine in all of them, although it was slightly glitchy in Opera, with an error message saying the doc had to be viewed in a separate page. I had already viewed it in Opera with no problem, so I knew that there shouldn’t be an error. After clearing my cache and reloading, the embed reappeared.)