MMADfan Fanfic in eBook Format

Kindle-format MMADfan Fics

Here is a partial list of some short fanfics, one-shots and short chaptered fics, that have been formatted for the Kindle. The links are for direct downloads from the Box cloud.

You may download them directly using your Kindle eReader. Simply click the link, which opens the story’s page on the Box cloud, then click the download link. Your Kindle will ask you if you want to download the book, you click yes, and in seconds, your fanfic is on your Kindle.

For descriptions of the stories, take a look at the List of All MMADfan Fics.

You may also download any of them from the
Our Mirror of Erised Yahoo Group.
(I’m one of two mods for it, so sign up is easy. 🙂 )

To convert any of these stories to ePub, pdf, or other formats, use calibre, free conversion software.

Contact me
if you would like them in ePub format but cannot convert them. I will be happy to convert them for you.

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